I Have A Creator Account. What Do I Do After Logging In?


Once you have an account, you can submit Soundcloud or YouTube URL's to send to Influencers who match your content. Simply add a link, describe and tag your media, then select the influencers and experts you want. Here's a more thorough description of the steps:


Step 1 - Add Your Stuff

After you have created your shiny new account, sign in and paste your YouTube/Soundcloud URL to get started.

Fluence can send anything on those platforms! Music videos, films, music, demo tracks, spoken word, interviews, pitches, and, well...you get the idea.

As an example, I’ll submit a music track my friend Deacon LF produced.

Once your link is added, you can edit details such as your Artist Name, Title, Headline, Tags, and even add a Question.

Once you're finished editing, your Submission will be sent to the Discovery Session queues of Curators and Influencers with matching interests at no cost.


This is how it will look like to Influencers:


Step 2 - Select Your Influencers

Next you can filter, review, and select relevant curators and influencers to promote directly to.

Each Influencer’s price is based on two factors: the length of your media submission, and the Influencer’s price-per-minute rate.

Helpful Tip: One thing to remember when selecting Influencers is that you will only be charged for the time they actually spend viewing your content.

Once you’re set with your Influencer list, simply add your payment/coupon details and checkout. You’re now ready to see the results!


Step 3 - Track Your Results

You can use the dashboard to keep tabs on your Submissions and Promotions with in-depth stats.

Here you can view the Influencer’s ratings and comments, rate the quality of their feedback, see how much time they spent viewing your work, and if they shared it on Facebook or Twitter through Fluence.


If you haven't already, feel free to jump into Fluence here to start submitting your media for free. Have more questions, suggestions, or comments? Send us an Email or reach out via Facebook or Twitter.


Keep tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, enjoy Fluence!

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