What Do You Mean I Should Set a Rate for My Time and Attention?


Fluence was built to recognize and reward the crucial role you play in helping creators of all kinds with feedback and exposure. You told us that your time and attention are scarce and valuable. So we let you enter into a fair exchange to give your full attention to any media submitted to you.

It's a marketplace so you are free to set your own terms at any time. You receive your rate multiplied by the time you spent actually watching and listening to media sent to you. You have the option of donating your earnings directly into the charity of your choice. Reach out to us, and we will set it up for you. You are also free to not set a rate and can still use Fluence with all its glorious features. 

We have found that setting a price for your time and attention encourages more focused attention and thoughtful feedback. People who submit to you will know exactly how much it could cost to send their media for you to review, and if you give them feedback they value for their cost then everyone wins.  

Email us at contact@fluenceapp.com for more guidance or information on pricing your time and attention.

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