How Do I Grow My Fluence Network?



Share Your Profile

Sharing your Fluence profile on Twitter, Facebook, and your social networks is the best way to start letting people know you’re available to help them on Fluence.

Send Curators Invitations

You can send curator account invitations to friends and colleagues by inviting them here. Simply sync your address book, and start inviting! The more people you bring onto Fluence, the more your network grows and your community engagement rises. Curators with high community engagement are shown to more people on the platform.

Add The Fluence Widget To Your Site

We created an embeddable widget to help you manage media submissions from anywhere on the web. It’s fully customizable, easy to configure, and can automatically size for the best experience. Most people find it useful to add this widget to their “About” or “Contact/Submission” pages.

A few examples include magazines and sites like The Loop, Music You Need, and Never Enough Notes.

Create your own customizable widget here, or add an HTML link from your website to your Fluence profile.

Link To Your Fluence Profile

A good way to let the creative community connect to you is to link to your Fluence profile from social media accounts such as Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, and more.


Follow Other Curators

When you follow other curators and trusted sources, the media they have liked will show up in your Dashboard stream. You can also send curators private messages here if you follow each other.

Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

Review your account here to ensure you've added all your interests, expertise, and profile information correctly.

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