Guidelines For Giving Feedback


Our community is designed to give creators constructive feedback in a supportive way. To help with this we ask people to follow these guidelines when reviewing media on Fluence:

1) Be honest.

People have submitted media to you because they value your opinion. Don't feel bad if you dislike a submission. You're not their Mom. Just give your honest feedback, or quickly move on to a submission more worthy of your time.

2) Be helpful.

One of the best ways to help people is with specific suggestions on something they can do to improve or promote their work. If the media is not for you, feel free to use the feedback form to refer them to someone who may be a better fit.

3) Be constructive and fair.

If you don't like a submission, you'll probably know right away. There's nothing wrong with moving on quickly. If you do stick around to collect the full fee, the submitter will be expecting to know why you liked or disliked their media. The quality of your feedback will be rated by the submitter. Providing detailed, helpful feedback is the best way to ensure you receive high ratings and lots of future submissions.

4) Reward quality.

When you do find something that's really great - share it via your Twitter or Facebook account. This is the highest compliment you can pay a creator, and it's what they were hoping for when they submitted to you. There's nothing wrong with being selective or having a high bar - that's part of what makes you great, but when you do see something that you really like - share the love.

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